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Hello beautiful soul! Welcome to our vibrant holistic wellness community, where we come together to nourish and nurture our mind, body and soul through holistic practices such as yoga, breath work, meditation, routines, rituals, reiki & manifestation.

Join our community, download your freebie Self-care Guide below & walk down the path of ultimate happiness and well-being.


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align. affirm. attract.

tap into your third eye. 

In order to manifest your dream life, you must embark on a spiritual journey & trust your intuition.

The first step is to align with your core you and your true purpose. This is where we focus on healing, acceptance, and letting go.

The second step is to declare your dream life as yours- to affirm it already belongs to you. 

The third step is to begin to manifest and attract what it is that you want into existence.

Let's get started. Download your free eBook now!

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wellness heat map

Everyone is on their own path and exactly where they are meant to be right now. If you don't like where you are, it's time to change it. Figure out where to begin my browsing through our wellness heat map. This will help you begin your tailored journey to manifesting your dream life!


Align: I am at the beginning.

I would like to discover my soul's true purpose.

I would like to heal, let go and move forward.

AffirmI am ready to declare my dream life as mine and I am ready to do more self-care, deep inner work, and set routines to begin putting my dream life into play.

AttractI have let go. I've healed. I've done the work. I am ready to manifest my dream life fully and completely elevate my mind, body, and soul. I am ready for the next chapter.

meet our founder

Hi everyone and welcome, I'm Jess. 

I left my country, family and friends 7 years ago to live the life I dreamed of. I manifested my soul mate, baby, career and life with the Quantum of Reality. This is all by design, never luck. You are the creator of your own reality.


Your dream life exists in another dimension, and I'm here to help you manifest it.


“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”

- Abraham Hicks.

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Educate yourself on the Law of Attraction, Energetics & Manifestation with our manifestation portal.

Manifest your dream life

Learn how to:

  • open up and align with your true purpose

  • let go of past traumas and limiting beliefs

  • release money blocks

  • heal and truly move on

  • evolve into your highest self

  • manifest your dream life


who is it for?

the woman who wants to:

Improve her mood & serotonin levels

Shift her perspective to benefit her dreams

Heal self-doubt and fear 

Gain confidence in her power

Discover her powerful positive energy

Become happier

Attract a soulmate, family, home, baby, more money... (Whatever it is, no ask is too big, wahoo!)

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timing is 

Join our community!


Learn how to heal, let go, and live life to the fullest with weekly mantras, manifestation meditations, sustainable lifestyle hacks, and more.  

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