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are you ready for some self-care magic?

2023 is going to be epic for you, we can feel it.

Align with your intuition and get started by creating your self-care morning and night rituals. 

Grab your FREE self-care ebook & get access to over 40 pages of swoon-worthy content.


Bonus interview inside with Anjaan, our Tantra Healer! 

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welcome to our world of wellness

Where are you in your wellness journey? 


start here...

i am healing

i am trying to become healthier

i am not confident

i think i'm at the very beginning

i am ready to manifest

i would like to go on a spiritual journey & evolve

i compare myself to others

i practice self-care

i would like support by women who care

i am eager to learn how to be fully satisfied & happy


It's our honour to connect with you.

We created ELEVEN ELEVEN as a safe space where women of all walks life could come together to learn more about themselves,

heal, let go and evolve into their most powerful self.

We welcome you, with open arms.

jess & mich 

meet our

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”

- Abraham Hicks.

go on a 6-week digital retreat.

check out our women's success stories

Along with our wide range of wellness products, we also offer a 6-week course!

Learn how to:

  • open up

  • let go of past traumas

  • let go of money blocks

  • heal

  • evolve into your highest self

  • manifest your dream life


No matter where you are in your journey, it's time to create some YOU time.

our wellness suite is for the woman who

  • Wants more time for self-care

  • Knows there must be "more" for her, but doesn't know what it is.

  • Wants to heal self-doubt and fear, whilst gaining confidence, finding her purpose, becoming happier, gaining personal freedom and becoming her best self.

  • Needs to let go of needing to be in control, and feel content and exhilarated with life.

  • Is missing a deeper connection with herself, feels lost, and stuck and wants to find her true self.

  • Is fed up with not feeling like she is enough and is aware that she deserves better.

  • Craves more freedom and choice in her life

  • Wants to ultimately manifest her dream life!

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see what we've been up to

timing is 

and your time is now

Go on a 6-week digital retreat where you will be supported, guided and led.


Learn how to heal, let go, and live life to the fullest with live weekly video sessions, 111 Positive Affirmations, Manifestation Meditations, sustainable lifestyle hacks, and more.  


Join over 700+ goddesses from around the world who are committed to healing, evolving, and elevating their lives by design. Expect free self-care tips, upbeat content, healthy recipes,

women-supporting-women, life inspiration and more!

join free

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We are here to help you experience and magnetise your wildest dreams.


Open the door to discovering the positive shifts that are taking place in your life, right now. Start creating a life your soul is craving to live! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok to find out more. 




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