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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you attract your dream life and live out your soul's true purpose. 

We are here to help you create more feel-good moments in your life and help pave the way for a future manifested by YOU, the creator.


Jessica Rae Saleh

Jessica is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and manifestation expert. 


A born generator, she feels her true purpose is to spark positive energy into the universe through creating, sharing, and improving the lives of others through manifestation and inspired action.


Jessica believes that we were "designed to flow in the now" or in other words, we were each put on this earth, not by fluke... but for a purpose with the intent we discover and excel in our passions and thrive throughout this lifetime. 

Jessica is the Founder of Social Paradise, Hiii CBD, and Co-Founder of Eleven Eleven. Marketing & Manifestation are her key areas of expertise. 

"Our responsibility as human beings on this planet is to inspire, follow the path of least resistance, share, listen, create, love and live our lives to the absolute fullest." When asked how? "Follow your inner voice, let your intuition guide you and you will always be right." 

Jess currently lives in London and is happiest when travelling, manifesting, and creating more feel-good moments. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you create the life of YOUR dreams. We see a future with every single thing you want in it. What's meant for you is already yours.

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